Up n Under

July 12th – 22nd
LAF Lyttelton
34 Oxford St

Directed by Derek Doddington

Top Dog Theatre perform another classic comedy, written by John Godber. In 2003 Top Dog performed Godber’s BOUNCERS in Court 2. In 2008, SHAKERS in the Arts Centre, and last year, Top Dog performed TEECHERS at the Gloucester room, Isaac Theatre Royal, again to packed houses.

Godber’s winning tale centres around Arthur (Tom Trevella), an ex-Rugby League player who could have still been playing were he not barred for life for violent conduct. The disciplinary board-member who pushed for his ban, Reg, (Aaron Boyce) is the manager of the local champions, the Cobblers; a team he is so proud of, he reckons they are unbeatable.

In a fit of piqued pride, Arthur bets Reg his house that he can coach any team to beat the Cobblers, with Reg to name the team. He does; the team from the Wheatsheaf Arms, a team so poor, whose place in the record books is held by never having won a game. Arthur now has five weeks to train the Stragglers to take on the Cobblers in their head-to-head, in an all-or-nothing battle with pride, ambition and livelihoods at stake.

An evening of comedy and hysterics, brought together by Artistic Director, Derek Doddington..

Running time: approx 95 mins (with interval).

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