Twelfth Night

7 Feb – 17 Feb 2013
By William Shakespeare
Directed By Derek Doddington


In its ninth year of delighting Christchurch with summer Shakespeare, TOP DOG THEATRE brings you TWELFTH NIGHT. This witty and colourful play is one of Shakespeare’s most well loved and relatable comedies. Full of cross dressing, love triangles and class rivalries; this production is full of 1920s charm and style.

Shipwrecked twins, who each believe the other is dead, find their way in a new town that is full of entertaining characters – a love-sick Duke, a drunken uncle, a do-good butler, a band of musical gardeners and many more. Will they be reunited? Who will find their perfect match? And who will get their ultimate comeuppance?

Set in the idyllic Mona Vale gardens, this is a chance to lay out the picnic rug and soak up the early evening sun. The show will cater to young and old; as this is Shakespeare in its most viewer-friendly form!

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, And some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.”

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