Romeo & Juliet

New Zealand Theatre Month
12th Feb – 22nd Feb 2020
The Mound Lawn – Mona Vale Gardens
6pm nightly, + 2pm Saturday Matinees

Directed by Derek Doddington

For this year’s Summer Shakespeare Festival, TOP DOG THEATRE is performing what so many people refer to as “the ultimate Love Story”…. Yeap, that’s right, Romeo and Juliet.

What a fantastic opportunity to see one of the world’s most famous plays. This year’s show is directed by Derek Doddington.

Set in Verona, in Italy, Mona Vale will be transformed for this great love story and tragedy.

“This will be a Romeo and Juliet as many of you have never seen before”, says Derek Doddington. With over 70 actors auditioning, he is delighted with an absolutely top class cast, headed by Romeo and Juliet, who are both of the age for whom Shakespeare wrote the play.

Yes, Juliet is 13 years old, in the play and in real life. This brings a whole new dynamic to the play, as you have never seen before.

Venue: The Mound Lawn, Mona Vale Gardens, Christchurch. Opens on Wednesday 12th February and runs through to Saturday 22nd February. Performances are 6pm to 8pm every night, with added matinees on both Saturdays.

(Not recommended for children under 8 years of age)

Come early. Security-patrolled Parking

Toilets and refreshments are available on site. Come sit on a picnic blanket, (at the front) or low/high chair (seating is segregated for audience viewing) and remember to bring plenty of warm clothing.

Warning: This play contains fighting, death and suicide.

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