11 Feb – 21 Feb 2015
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Derek Doddington

6pm Nightly, + 2pm Saturday Matinees
The Mound Lawn, Mona Vale Gardens, Christchurch

For this year’s Summer Shakespeare Festival, TOP DOG THEATRE strays from its usual path of presenting another comedy, and will instead portray the treacherous deeds and mysterious happenings of MACBETH. This year’s show is directed by Derek Doddington.

Set in Scotland, mainly within and without the Castle of Macbeth, Mona Vale will be transformed for this great tragedy of greed, fate and treason all culminating in the ultimate fear and madness of Macbeth and his wife.
“When shall we three meet again” opens the play, as the three witches confront Macbeth with a prophesy that he will one day become King of Scotland. Ambition and treachery abound as Macbeth is persuaded by his callous and ambitious wife to eliminate all those who stand in their way.
Macbeth leaves a wake of bloodied daggers, deceived friends and brutal murders, as he, filled with guilt and insecurity, strives to protect that which he has taken unlawfully. And then, the madness sets in. Banquo’s bloodied ghost haunts Macbeth. “Out damn spot”, cries Lady Macbeth as her conscience tortures her, and she imagines her hands are covered with blood.

(Not recommended for children under 8 years of age)

Come early. Security-patrolled Parking

Toilets and refreshments are available on site. Come sit on a picnic blanket, (at the front) or low/high chair (seating is segregated for audience viewing) and remember to bring plenty of warm clothing.

Tickets are $15 ($10 concession), available on the gate, or from;

Cast & Crew
  • Derek Doddington ~ Director
  • Maddy Albertson ~ Props & Set
  • Matt Lang ~ Set
  • Eloise McIntyre ~ Stage Manager
  • Rob van de Water ~ Technical
  • Frank Connor ~ Sound
  • Nick Murchison ~ Technical
  • Robert Tait ~ Musical Director
  • Pip Stephenson ~ Make-up
  • Adam Hayward ~ Banquo
  • Andie Hanson ~ Lady Macduff
  • Andrew Bolitho ~ Angus
  • Andrew Scott ~ Lennox
  • Anna Willow ~ Lady Macbeth
  • Annabel Brodie ~ Fifth Witch / Maid
  • Charles Grubb ~ Macbeth
  • Crisstian Grueber ~ Seyton
  • Dan Crossen ~ Macduff
  • Elizabeth Grubb ~ Third Witch
  • Emma Reynolds ~ Servant / Lady Macduff’s Daughter
  • Frances Campbell ~ First Witch
  • Giles Wood ~ Caithness
  • Lara Thomson ~ Eighth Witch / Maid
  • Lisa Dixon ~ Seventh Witch / Maid
  • Matthew Alan Joils ~ Captain / Donalbain / Young Siward
  • Nevé Billing ~ Fourth Witch / Maid
  • Nick Cheesebrough ~ Ross
  • Nikki Bleyendaal ~ Lady Macbeth’s Doctor
  • Ollie Fradd ~ Fleance / Lady Macduff’s Son
  • Paddy Scott ~ Malcolm
  • Paige Delaney ~ Lady Macbeth’s Doctor understudy
  • Pauline Ward ~ Second Witch
  • Feroze Brailsford ~ Second Murderer
  • Raoul Neave ~ Duncan / Siward
  • Russell Haigh ~ Porter
  • Ruth Johnson ~ Sixth Witch / Maid
  • Tim Robson ~ First Murderer

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