Comedy Of Errors

14th to 24th Feb 2007
By William Shakespeare
Directed By Derek Doddington


Top Dog Theatre returns to Mona Vale in February for the 2007 Summer Open Air Shakespeare Festival.

Continuing the tradition of bringing Shakespeare alive and accessible in the open air, Top Dog Theatre returns with one of Shakespeare’s finest evenings of entertainment and farce; The Comedy of Errors.

Most of us have at some time, encountered twins. Some of us have encountered identical twins. So what happens when Shakespeare introduces a pair of identical twins, who are so identical that not even the wife of one of the twins can tell who is her husband, and who the brother?

And just when that gets confusing for everyone on stage, Shakespeare gives each of the identical twins a slave, except these two slaves are also identical twins!

How much are we asked to believe? Well, not only are the twins unable to tell the slaves apart, but the slaves are unable to distinguish who is and who is not their master.

Sounds confusing? It is. Not only for the wife, but also for the jeweller, the merchants, the gaoler, the mad doctor, as well as for the four main characters who are suddenly thrown into a quagmire of comedy farce and total turmoil.

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