SINCE 2003


Top Dog Theatre was founded by UK born actor/director Derek Doddington. Derek has over 25 years experience in the theatre, having previously co-founded the Dolce Vita Theatre company in the UK.

It is this vast experience which gives Derek the confidence to keep stretching himself, as well as those around him. Although he is quick to stress the importance of a totally reliable, capable and dedicated crew. It was these ingredients which presented 2 remarkable and successful shows during 2003, West and Equus. An achievement which was gratifyingly rewarded when Top Dog Theatre was voted the Best Small Theatre Company for 2003.

Praise & Scorn

Best Small Theatre Company Christchurch’s Top Dog Theatre Company, for treading where most amateur groups would fear to go. Driven by the determination and sheer chutzpah of its founder and director Derek Doddington, its production of Equus eclipsed its earlier gritty performance of West. This particular thespian animal may still be a puppy but one with teeth.

The Press, Christchurch Wednesday, December 31, 2003

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